Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Maze's Day Cycle

There is a daily routine in the maze. Get along with it. Wherever You are You have to know the European, American and Asian trading Hours. There are times when everyone is sleeping and time when everyone is very busy. The intersect between Asian and European and European and American is the busiest.

The volume grows bigger and the price is more likely to move. So it's just up to Your trading style if You are looking for more adrenaline or You decide to stay awake in night waiting for a percent.

The opening of market in each country gives opportunity to determine the direction for each market. So when You're trading American Timezone You can choose to go with the daily direction. There are days when it works. However sometimes the market just won't move and stays in a range. Good opportunity to buy low and sell highs. On the other side there are days when market it heading towards it's gains / losses in much bigger scale. On that days try to catch the trend.

You can choose to trade on certain hours. E.g. let's say You'll open a position before the Americans will close their markets. And wait for another day to find out whether You were right or wrong. This is called end of day trade. You can apply it to weeklies and trade on Friday. Or You can watch for cycles that repeats itself in a Yearly manner. So then just "Sell in May and go away".

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